Automatic Commercial Skip

I am on a metered cell phone hotspot. ( Live in an area that I can not get cabled internet.). It would be nice to select only the shows I want to skip commercial and not make it global.

I have also asked for this feature since the beginning of commercial skip. My reason is that I’m on a slow DSL connection and only want certain shows processed so as not to bog down my Internet for other users.

Daily I have to turn commercial skip on and off, yet I still have some programs processed that I don’t care about commercial skip simply because they air at the same time as a program that I want to be processed.

I’ve also asked for the ability to turn the service on and off from my Android phone or tablet. I know this is possible because it was available for a short time and then removed. The reason given was that since commercial skip isn’t available on the Android app it was confusing to some people having the ability to turn it on or off on the app.

Having the ability to pick which shows get commercial skip processing would solve having to repeatedly turn commercial skip on and off and the need for the switch being available on the Android app.