Auto Start Next Recording

I’d love to see the ability to automatically start the next recording instead of just stopping.

How I envision it would work…perhaps a check box in Settings - “Auto-Start Next Recording”. If checked, while watching a tv show that has been recorded, when the show finishes it would automatically start the next recording. For example, if there are multiple recordings of the TV show Modern Family, it would play through all of the remaining recordings of Modern Family then start playing the next recorded TV show series (example, Survivor). I’d expect that it would stay within a category only…it wouldn’t go from TV Shows to Movies after showing all of the recorded TV shows. Also, I’d expect that if it encountered a recording that didn’t record properly (lost signal, etc.) it would simply play what was recorded then go on to the next one.

Thanks for your consideration!

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It’s been requested multiple times, at least for one series.

I don’t see a good reason to switch to another set of recordings once one set is done. I can understand binge watching a TV series, but getting some random series after that doesn’t appear to be helpful.