Auto Delete feature

Does anyone know exactly how auto delete works? By % or fix space? I’m using a 80GB hd on Tablo and set Auto Delete feature on. While monitoring the space used, I noticed that the auto delete would trigger whenever the drive reached around 40GB of free space. That’s about 50% capacity of my drive. My recordings are about 2GB per hour, 40GB would give me about 20 hours of recording. That to me is a bit too conservative. I think 2-3 hours of reserve is probably good enough. Can anyone confirm the 40GB magic number?

My 2TB drive would keep around 200GB of free space with auto delete enabled.

@JackK - Auto delete will remove the oldest unproected recordings. The amount of recordings/space it deletes depends on two things: the number of tuners you have and the recording quality you have set.

The reason for this is we delete enough recording content to keep 4 hours of recording space open if you were using ALL of your tuners at the recording quality you’ve got your Tablo set at.

If you want to reduce the amount of space your Tablo keeps open, the best way to do that is reduce your recording quality.

Based on @TabloTV explanation…

My Max Recording Quality is set to HD1080 - 8Mbps, which averages 2GB disk usage per hour.
(4) tuners X (4) hours X (2) GB = 32 GB

@TabloTV - I set mine at HD 720 5M with 2 tuners. 4 hours of recording does not equate to 40GB of space. Perhaps a bug in the implementation?

@JackK - You are indeed right! The engineering staff checked and there is a bug that is specifically related to small drives that was missed. We’ll have a fix for it in the next firmware. Thanks for the nudge! :thumbsup:

Yesterday my 5 month old Tablo dual lite with 1TB disk failed scheduled recordings because disk is full (first time) even when Auto delete is enabled. Does this feature really worked for any one?

Hey there - I’ll send you a PM shortly. We’d like to take a look and see what caused this.

I have the original 2 tuner device and auto delete feature does work. Maybe the dual lite version works differently?