Auto Defaults, how can we change/edit the default?

Hello All

I see in the Advanced Options of a recording, that you can edit the following;

  • Record; “New”, “All”, “None”
  • How many episodes the system will keep
  • What channel to record this show from
  • Starting the recording early
  • Stop the recording late.

Then down at the bottom you have an option to “Use Defaults”.

I want the defaults to be:

  • Record; “New”
  • Keep: “Last 3 Recordings”
  • Channel: “Any”
  • Start: “2 Min Early”
  • Stop: “2 Min Late”

I can’t find anywhere to set or change these default settings. Where do I go to make these edits?
There is no need to have a button/option to “Use Defaults” if you can set the defaults to what you want.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and will save us a lot of time when setting up records.

I don’t believe these are your personal defaults… The defaults are predetermined, system defaults. If you’d change these options and don’t want them changed, defaults “clears” the settings.

Sometimes how a user thinks/feels/believe/knows how a device should work isn’t always the same as it actually does.