Audio Volume Level

The audio volume across all apps appears to be too low (Web app, Roku app, etc).

In the Webapp, I have both the Player and the laptop volume set to max and it is a lot lower then other players such as Youtube.

In the Roku app, I have my TV volume ( two different TVs ) set to half way to hear it appropriately.  Other Roku apps play loud and clear at about a quarter volume level.

Any suggestions?  Or can this be fixed in a future release?

It’s been brought up before.  I have to almost max out my iPad to hear it sometimes.  But I haven’t read of any solution for this issue.

Thanks for the reply.  I tried on iPad, android tablets, laptop, and roku.  And all devices have lower than normal volume.

Hopefully it is resolved soon, seems like a simple enough change :wink:

Same problems with audio. You can hear it but you have to have your device cranked all the way up. Need and audio boost setting in the apps.

Change your Tablo to record the native 5.1 AC3 surround sound audio and you won’t have this problem (a relatively new feature not available when this thread was created 3 years ago).

Of course your device has to be able to decode 5.1 AC3 audio.