Audio sync issues

I’ve just started using my Tablo today and experimenting with live TV, and it appears that so when viewing live TV via my Roku 3 the audio isn’t syncing up well.  Has anyone else seen this?  Is it a known issue with a fix on the way?  this is a potential deal breaker for me.  It’s impossible to watch TV with bad audio syncing.

@jbanks25 - I’ve been using my TabloTV for two weeks. I also use a Roku3. Both my TabloTV and Roku are connected via Ethernet to my LAN. For the most part I have not experienced bad audio sync. Thinking back there may have been a few times when I experienced that issue. Pausing the content, then unpausing, resolved the issue to my satisfaction (old trick from my first DVR experience).

Last weekend when tuning live TV I switched TabloTV to a PBS station. The issue I encountered was beyond lip sync. The content playing and the audio were completely unrelated. Stopping and starting the live TV session had no effect on the problem. I thought I had hit a bad bug. Switching my TV to the live antenna feed, I tuned the same channel and found the root cause of the problem - the PBS channel feed was a mess! Made me laugh…

Good luck with your TabloTV…

Thanks, I tried the pause unpause thing because I’ve had that experience as well.  Back in the day some directv tuners had the problem from time to time.  My current setup is Tablo on ethernet, but Roku on Wifi.  I may grab one of my powerline adapters and see if ethernet makes a difference.  Thanks for the feedback.

@jbanks25 I too noticed the audio sync issue with live TV on my Roku 3. I also have the Roku connected wirelessly so I will check it with ethernet cable too and see if it resolves. Will check in tomorrow. I will be interested in hearing your results too.

@tomanak Is your Roku running on the 5ghz band or 2.4ghz? I switched mine from 5 to 2.4 last night and the problem went away.  I’m not sure if it was a signal strength issue or what, but the 2.4ghz audio lined up perfectly.

@jbanks25 I am running Roku on 2.4ghz. I noticed my audio sync issues were somewhat channel-specific. I am continuing to research the problem to see if I can determine its source.