Audio not syncing

We’ve had the Tablo Dual Lite for about 6 months. As of lately, on our Sony Android TV, we are having a constant issue with the audio losing sync with recorded programs. It happens while watching a show that’s being recorded, or a previously recorded show. We’ve tried pausing it and replaying it doesn’t correct it. Live TV seems to be working okay.

We haven’t had these issues before. We are using a Western Digital WD-AV SCSA 25B8 2003 hard drive (1TB).
Tablo Preview App
Recording Quality HD-1080-10Mbps
Live Quality HD-1080-10Mbps
Surround Sound
Version 1.4
Firmware 2.2.22

Sony TV XBR65930e v.7.0
Currently using Wi-Fi for TV
Google Home Wi-Fi 4 pack - All hard wired with ethernet
Centurylink DSL about 18-20Mbps speed

On Regular Tablo APP, there is no sound at all (surround sound is enabled).

Sorry to hear you’re running into this.

Is this on all channels? Or just one?

We notice it on multiple channels.

Hrm… Quite odd.

Can you find 2 or 3 recordings you’re experiencing this on and send a note to our support team with those details? (

We may have to take a closer look at the files to see what’s happening.

I’m having similar issues with live TV. WJLA is out of sync and sometimes, tablo kicks me out of that channel altogether.

WUSA meanwhile is in sync.

I’ve checked my AirTV and there are no sync issues with WJLA at all, from that tuner.

I’m using a rokuTV.

On my iphone, WJLA plays in sync with no issues.

I’ve restarted the TV and checked for updates. Nothing fixes it.

I do not see this on other channels at the moment.

Only roku tv, only tablo, and so far, only WJLA.

Was there a solution found for this. I am experiencing the issue on both live and recorded events. The voice is off by just the smallest amount. Just started noticing it the past few days.