Audio no Video on G-box Q. All latest firmware

Hello all and thanks in advance. Have the most current Tablo app, deleted and re-installed. Have the most current Android 4.4.2 (or there about’s, but its the most current) and latest 1.4 firmware for G-Box. I’ve tried pretty much everything; rebooted Tablo, checked all settings on TV and G-Box, its a 720p TV. It’s working on my Mac and all my other devices. I tried running Tablo in Chrome on the G-Box same thing. I’m wondering if there is some kind of transcoding issue. I’ve also tried a few other HDMI cables, sometimes I find them to be kind of flaky.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, my wife hates to miss Judge Judy :smile:

Try different Tablo quality settings? Try using the Tablo app for Plex?

Which model G-Box do you have?

Thanks for the responses; I’ve tried 720 and 1080 and same no video. I tried Chrome, but have not tried Plex. I moved away from Plex and just use Kodi to map to my NAS, but I think I may try it to troubleshoot.
I did move the G-Box to another TV and same no video. I’m thinking its whatever is doing the trans-coding is the issue.
And its the G-Box Q that I have. It works well with everything else, so no complaints.
And thanks again!