Audio issues. Left channel only

Hey everyone, I’m having issues with audio. On both my Mac and my roku 3 I’m only hearing audio out of my left front speaker. Thoughts? Tablo has been rebooted today as I did the 2.2.8 upgrade. How do I save my recorded shows.


Can you try playback on a smartphone or tablet? And plug headphones into the device. See if you get only one side working or if both ear buds get sound.

I am having the same problem with CBS today. My other channels on the Tablo are just fine. This is using the PC and Roku.

Going straight through my antenna, I get sound out of both speakers. It is only through the Tablo that it is bad.

Interesting I wonder what channel the OP is encountering the issue with.

Did you do a reset on your tablo? I don’t want to do one until I clear off my recorded shows.

Fox in Baltimore. I have no checked other channels yet. I will in a few mins.

No because it was still recording. I only have 9 channels or so, and the other 8 were fine. Really weird.

I just rebooted my Tablo, and now both speakers are working. I was recording CBS at the time, so I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

You can reboot your Tablo by tapping the little blue button on the back. Tap means just press it for one second.

This will not factory reset the Tablo, and you will not lose your recordings.