Audio from one show plays over another's

Running Tablo app on an Apple TV (3rd gen) and will occasionally get the audio playing from one program over anything I try to watch on the Tablo (live tv or recorded).
The only way to fix this is to restart the Apple TV.
Is this a Tablo issue or Apple TV issue?
For what it’s worth, I would try to replicate the issue on a different device (ios or web) but the issue happens so infrequently that this wouldn’t be doable.

To clarify, is the audio also coming from the Tablo app?

Or is the audio coming from say, Netflix?

Which version of the Tablo app are you running?

Apple TV version 1.11.2
The audio is coming from Tablo.

And is the audio coming from a previous viewing session?

Like if you’re watching the news earlier in the evening and then you watch a recording of a sitcom, will the audio be from the news? Or will it be from the news AND the sitcom at the same time?

And are you watching via the TV’s speakers, or do you have a soundbar or sound system connected to the TV?

How??? I have a 3rd Gen Apple TV and it had no App Store to download the Tablotv app. The only way we might be able to watch Tablotv on 3rd gen Apple TV would be by Airplay/casting. There is no app for Tablotv on it. Therefore if you’re Airplaying it the issue might be in there.

Apologies. My Apple TV is a 4th Gen (a1625)

I’ve had the same issue. Not on appleTV, but on a Sony TV running Android TV:

This sometimes occurs when:
1- open the Tablo app
2- start watching a channel
3- go back to the Android TV home screen, without exiting the tablo app properly (clicking “home” button while the tablo app is playing live tv)
4- sometimes, the audio will keep playing.

It looks like the tablo app is still active in the background:
-even if i restart the tablo app, and start watching another channel (or even the same), audio from the old channel and the new channel will play at the same time

  • Same behavior if i start to wathc tv using the TV’s tuners

The only way to solve the proble is to reboot the tv.

Do either of you have a sound system or soundbar? We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue.

Yes.its connected to the TV via light pipe connection.

i use a soundbar connected using hdmi from tv. The problem is random and does not happen very often.

I had the same problem about 10 days ago. Audio playing from two different channels. Tablo Quad, Toshiba TV, Nvidia Shield, ONN soundbar. Rebooted the Shield fixed the problem but another anomaly occurred. Shield remote no longer controls the volume of the Tablo app. Works fine with Netflix, Pandora, etc., but I have to use my Harmony remote or the soundbar remote for only the Tablo app. Cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted everything. It’s as if the Shield doesn’t recognize the audio from the Tablo.

I had the same issue about a week ago. I hit the home button, and I noticed that the sound was still playing. I re-entered the Tablo app and tuned to another station and I was getting audio on top of audio. I did a restart on the Tablo thinking it was just a glitch. It happened again yesterday afternoon. I was using a Chromecast with Google TV and I don’t have a streaming bar.