Audio continues during pause

I have a 2-tuner Tablo that we use with a FireTV stick. Everything was working normally last night which makes me wonder if some update was done to the Tablo during the night because today there is a problem I have not encountered before. When I am streaming either a recording or live TV and I hit the pause button, the picture pauses immediately but the audio continues going for a full 2-3 seconds before pausing. When I unpause, the video picture skips ahead to remain synced with the audio. This happens no matter which recording or channel I stream. I also have an ipad with a Tablo app on it, and I was able to stream on the ipad without this happening so the issues seems to be with the FireTV Tablo app. The other apps on my FireTV work fine. Is this happening to anyone else?

Are you using the new Tablo PREVIEW app for the Fire TV?

I tried that app a few months ago. It had so many bugs it was driving me nuts so I went back to the regular Tablo app.

Since you reminded me of the Preview app I went digging for it. It has been nearly a year since I tried it out, so I suppose they might have improved it. I will have to use it awhile to see. I just tested it, and it at least doesn’t have the delayed audio pause issue that the regular app now has.

There have been many updates and improvements to the Preview app. Try it out and see if you prefer it.

Has there been update on this I have a 4 tuner with fire tv and it does the same thing

I’ve been using the Preview app ever since posting this so I didn’t know if this audio bug had been fixed. But now, I’m encountering a different but equally annoying bug in Preview so I went back to the original app to see if they had fixed it. There was an update so I updated, but no the audio issue is still there. So disappointing after 8 months!

I also just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and it did not fix the issue.