Attention Samsung Galaxy S7 owners

Since the coast update Tablo fglashes green on S7. This is the T-Mobile version. Don’t know about other carriers but think so. I think something in TouchWiz was changed.

If you don’t have problem and not beta 2.2.9 on Tablo please post.

I have the S6 and it looks like T Mobile just made Marshmallow available… debating whether to do the update or wait. Did you ever resolve your issue on the S7?

If watching Tablo on the phone is important to you, then I would suggestion holding off for a few days until @TabloTV can provide us update on the issue. This issue did not happen on the S7 until the latest update pushed by Tmobile/Samsung and it’s hard to tell which build of Marshmallow will be pushed to the S6. But just to be safe, you might want to wait a little.

Mp4 can’t be uploaded to forum. I emailed it o @TabloTV a video of my phone flashing green.

My NP and Nexus Tablet both have Marshmallow and play normal. No Samsung TouchWiz.

Hope @TabloTV mentions when they figure it out.

Do you have beta on anything Tablo or devices to watch? I have beta on both.

The video I made of flashing green is on my Facebook page

Not currently running any beta software, and everything is stable and operating just about perfectly at this point. Based on your experience, I’m going to wait a little bit before doing the update to my S6. No sense messing with perfection.

Looks to be a moot point… my phone isn’t running T-Mobile software. I purchased it directly from Samsung (on sale, of course!) and is factory unlocked.


Rooted out TouchWiz?

It’s running Android 5.1.1, as it came from the factory. Just got off chat with Samsung support. Marshmallow isn’t available as an OTA update for my model, SM-G920T. They say if there is an update, it has to be done using their Smart Switch software. I’m not overly concerned about updating at this point, but have loaded up the software just to see if an update is available for future reference.