Asus Router / Tablo Compatibility Problem

A Tablo connected to the 5ghz radio of an Asus RT-N56U is unable to renegotiate wireless connectivity following reboot of the router.  Tablo device still records programs but is inaccessible to other network devices.  Power cycling the Tablo clears the condition.

Tablo has a compatibility issue with the Asus RT-N56U 5ghz radio feature called AiRadar.

Disable the Asus AiRadar feature OR switch your Tablo to operate at 2.4ghz.  The AiRadar feature is located in the Asus GUI under System Status on the 5Ghz tab right beneath the PSK field.

Additional Thoughts:
AiRadar is a feature on many recent Asus router models so this problem may not be limited to the RT-N56U router model.  This feature is supposed to target connecting endpoints in such a way as to improve radio communications.  I disabled the feature and am still evaluating its effect on my network.


Interesting. In our testing, the Tablo didn’t have any issues re-establishing its connection to the network if it was rebooted. I’ll see if we’ve got any ASUS routers around that we can test this with.

To narrow the problem I had switched the Tablo to operate on the 2.4ghz radio and rebooted the router many times with absolutely no negative impact to the Tablo.  Afterwards I returned the Tablo to the 5ghz and rebooted the router causing the problem again to confirm.  I decided I would start playing with 5ghz radio settings to see if there was anything particular.  The AiRadar is a standout feature so I started with it first.  Fortunately I didn’t have to dig far. :slight_smile:

With AiRadar on I’ve not experienced any problems with the initial Tablo connection, only re-establishment of the connection.

I am encountering this issue with both of the latest versions of firmware for this router model.  I was on the 04/24 update I purchased the Tablo.  I did not encounter the problem until after the 2.1.16 Tablo update, HOWEVER, I did not have the Tablo very long before the update was released so I am unable to confirm this.  Just in case this helps narrow the issue…

Version  04/24/14

Version  09/05/14