Assigning Static IP to Tablo?

My wife is complaining of periodic freezing of the Tablo streaming (while I’m at work naturally). I’ve worked through all the WiFi issues and works flawlessly when I’m around.

I fear my router might be releasing and renewing IP’s periodically causing the freezing… is there some hidden means in the App (or otherwise) to assign a Static IP address? Then, I could at least rule this out for resolving or further diagnosing this problem.

Thanks in advance for your input!

I assigned mine one by the MAC address via my Router

As mentioned, the only option is a DHCP lease reservation via your router - there is NO setting available.

I do believe, by nature of DHCP, it still gets renewed, although some routers allow you to set your own time period… occasionally indefinite (then I’m not certain about never getting renewed).

An IP number is just a logical network address. So long as your DHCP server, inside you wi-fi router, is configured correctly, there should be no difference in the quality of the data passing through, between two different numbers. The only time you should really want to use a fixed IP, is to stream from the Tablo towards the outside of your network. Of course, you have to match an incomming port from your Wi-Fi router to the fixed IP and port of the Tablo device. Much the same way it is done with an internal server. But the setup for the fixed IP, and the routing, is done on the Wi-Fi router itself (assuming that this is what you are using in your home to route). You find the MAC number of the Tablo, and you set that MAC in the router to always get the same IP number, with the router’s DHCP options. To route the external port to your internal Tablo IP and port, look for “port forwarding” settings in your router. However, you do have to look up info related to the Tablo port numbers, to see what they normally use, before you setup your network. So there is some research, trial and error, involved to get it right. With all this in mind, it is also important to note that many devices today use cloud servers to resolve the routing required for the client devices to connect from the internet, back to the user’s private network. However, having a fixed IP does help mínimize any changes related to the routing and some folks, including I, prefer to do it this way.