Are there powerless amplifiers, pre-amp plitters

Hi just wondering are there powerless one, after i split the cable the TV does not get one of my favorites channel.

And i would prefer no more power brick.

I just want more convenience in case the internet goes down not having to go back and remove the splitter.


Not sure. You can’t get something for nothing… the amplification has to come from somewhere… not sure what could be used to create the amplifcation. My mind tells me whatever that “somthing” is… it would be important and might make the amplifcation not worth it, you know?

WARNING: almost everyone seeing this thinks it is a hoax. But they have sold 4,000. Specifies that it works for cable, satellite and OTA for all of $5 LOL. Notice the big difference in quality from their before and after pictures!!! Crazy Eddie can’t beat this deal. Free shipping too.

Try a coaxial A/B switch ($5, manual, powerless). Connect antenna to switch; from switch two cables - one to TV and another to Tablo. Switch allows you to control which device gets the signal and unlike a splitter does not cut the signal in half. Some of them come with remotes for couch potatoes but you don’t want a powered device anyway.

It says powered through the coax, which is different from no power. Sounds similar to POE.

if I remember the one I have say 3.5dB so I was wondering if you could get anything higher non powered.
but it seem I don’t exist, I guess I will have to get a powered something any suggestion?

I have the winegard freevision antenna, a 3-4ft cable then the splitter and another small cable to the tablo and then the other side goes a long way to my other TV’s in the house.

I think we would all like to have a wire with gain, but it simply isn’t possible–that old conservation of energy thing. I’ve tried time and time again over my life to prove Mr. Newton wrong with less then stellar results.

Put simply–you can’t amplify (make something larger) without adding energy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

My amplifier uses USB power and I plug it in to my Tablo. No brick required.

Can you post a link or brand and model so I can take a look.

Thank you.

Mine actually came with my antenna, but looks to be exactly the same as this.

thank you, that look pretty clean.
I will order it and see how it works

will do the same using the extra USB on the tablo