Are there plans for a non-tablet Android app?

@ChrisWilkes glad to see your vote for a phone app. I’m more hopeful this will happen.

Thought I would consolidate the updates I’ve gotten in other threads. Tablo folks shared with me, Chrome Beta for Android is a kluge (my word) of a solution to use ones phone with Chromecast and Tablo now. It works… so stay on the couch and install the Chrome beta.

In another thread (somewhere) Tablo folks have shared that an Android app developer is coming on-board to address the demand for development on that platform… or some such thing. Certainly encouraging news, maybe an Android phone app is now a focus? @TabloTV

So to clarify my earlier statements in this thread:
Yes, Chromecast support is very limited but if you really want to use the phone you can (at least a modern Android phone). 

Here’s what works with Chromecast so far… 
Windows Chrome, Chromecast, Tablo = a joke (with no effort by Tablo to support the platform yet)

Android Chrome beta, Chromecast, Tablo = works (but with little effort to support the platform by Tablo… thanks goes to google for the code in Chrome Beta… and a big thank you, Thank You to google for the code that supports video skipping once casting… such a basic function in an app - such a basic joy in life)

Android tablet Tablo app, Chromecast = works (but just a horrible remote control interface when casting… love it or hate it - judge for yourself)

iPad, Chromecast = maybe (who cares) I can’t be bothered to go turn on my iPad and test (I’ve moved on)

Yes, I still will not use my phone to watch Tablo shows directly because the native Tablo player doesn’t have functioning video skip controls… but in some thread Tablo folks mentioned they are “working hard” to review their choice of embedded players and to consolidate the experience across platforms. I’m hopeful that means this will be fixed.

Lastly, I will acknowledge the phone web UI performance has been greatly improved by Tablo (once loaded) to a point, that it is a pleasure to use… the fact that there isn’t any session persistence each time the Tablo web UI is brought up is the shortcoming over a dedicated phone app. Plus the video skipping still doesn’t work! Bring on an app! Bring on an app!

FYI, you can’t use the Tablo via Chromecast on an iPad yet.  

+1 for an Android Phone native app with casting to Chromecast - Everyone in my household has their phone with them (sadly) all of the time - making it the best non-dedicated remote option.

@mtuckman I had to laugh when I saw your (sadly) comment. When I first got my wife a smartphone she was very upset with me saying she didn’t need this nonsense. Fast forward 3 years later and now I can’t get the thing out of her hands :stuck_out_tongue:

So I am running OmniRom on my Note 2 and running it at a high resolution.  Turns out that the PlayStore allows the app to be installed :slight_smile:

Playing with it now… 

So I was able to play back a TV show, cast it to my Chromecast, schedule a recording, etc.

The Chromecast playback was a little disappointing - It doesn’t save the state of the Chromecast when the app is exited or when the device is locked - check out the Plex app to see how that is done right!

I wish I had thought to check phone compatibility before placing my order.  This is going to be a major deal-breaker for the household.  Maybe I can still cancel my order on newegg…

i have a tablet but it is using 4.0.4 and so my device is not compatible with the Tablo app.  Will Tablo ever be a little more backward compatible with older Android OS?