Are the Tablo servers down today?

Unable to connect on any device or on beta Tablo.

Can you get to in the browser? Does the webpage load?

Works here so their servers are up.

@mulebristle - Not having any issues.

Try rebooting your router, Tablo (just a quick flick of the blue button) and then the devices you’re trying to use with your Tablo. Leave a minute or two between each reset to allow the device to complete its boot cycle and try again.

Thanks for the info. Can’t access from browser. Unfortunately I’m away from home and cannot access the router to reboot, so will have to wait. Thanks again!

Well as has been mentioned several times in other community postings, what is needed is a place in the Tablo settings where the user could click on a button and it would prompt the Tablo to reboot itself. But no such feature is presently available.

So what I did was purchase and install one of these: . $24 with Amazon prime. I can go to my smart phone and click to cut power to the Tablo and then I wait a moment or two and then click to restore power to the Tablo.