Are Tablo tuners overly sensitive to weather?

I’ll make this short and can fill in details later if needed.

Has anyone else noticed the Tablo (in my case the 4 tuner model) being extremely sensitive to storms and lightning.  I don’t mean lightning striking immediately near my home but storms 25-50 miles away.  While the storms approached I noticed quite a bit of digital breakup on all of my channels.  After the storms passed I lost the ability to watch any live channels.  During the rest of the day I conducted several channel scans and each time I was not able to find any channels or the channels shown had only a single red dot for signal.  Finally on Sunday morning I did another channel scan and all of my original channels were back.  Other than all of the transmitters going down is this something others have seen?

That’s pretty odd. IMO. We are about 66 miles from the city of Chicago and just had a pretty bad storm roll through. No issues at all. I know that doesn’t help you, but I really have no other feedback, things to try, or even what to look at… Sorry :-/

I haven’t lost any channels on mine but I do notice that during a lightning storm (hear rumbles but not immediately nearby). I could see artifacts on the screen that may have been due to the lightning. No loss of channels though.

I had the same issue last night.

I also have a concern, I moved my antenna thinking the placement may not be best…even though FULL green signal set up.

I now have at the top of the house in the attic. I scan= FULL green. Test out…butkus. Scan again without moving the antenna = missing channels. Scan again, now I have all channels but with orange and red signal strength.

I also did this with new amps and got nothing different. Matter of fact I have a better chance of having all green without an amp, but when I go to watch TV…butkus.

Based on this I think the antenna isn’t the issue but the Tablo.

Not at all happy.


@PiX64 No problem I just wanted to see if anyone had experienced the same thing.

@stevebob I would assume the initial artifacts I was seeing were as you described as well.

@napercort I have a DB8 antenna mast mounted on my roof about 25’ AGL.  I had the antenna mounted there before my Tablo to help with a “low power” transmitter for the local Fox station that is 12 miles away.  I will continue to trouble shoot and report back if I find out anything new.


I ran about fifteen different ways and ultimately went back to the original set up. All Green for all channels. I then set up a recording for all channels starting with the weakest one (around here it is CBS). I just checked the first three recordings…one of which is CBS and I am happy to report all clear.

So, by process of elimination, I will now point my finger at…@PiX64 's favorite phrase…my wifi was wonky!

I placed my tablo and antenna away from my router and connected to my wifi (and it seems to be working correctly there). I have a Roku connected to my router and one via wifi. I was testing the live channels on the Roku that was via wifi…so assuming my signal is weak, then by default so is the live channel (I guess). Since I checked the recordings on the Roku wired and it was clear then I have to assume all is working as planned. Now I need to get a couple of powered Ethernet’s and I should be good to go.

I will test tonight to make sure I still have the good picture and report back. Gonna take a few days before I can get the powered ethernet though.

Ethernet over Powerline…  The best thing nobody has ever heard of :slight_smile:

I love these

In my experience nothing over 200Mbps ever happens on my network, so I’ve not spent more for 500Mbps.

ok…so recordings “Awesome”. Watching Live…even on the wired roku…not so much. Heck, CBS won’t even stream as I get an error message. 


Guessing it is still the wifi connected Tablo…so when my power lines come in…I guess I will hook up the Tablo. Could only afford one set this time. Would ya’ll agree that it’s the wifi?

I have no problems streaming Ethernet Tablo to Ethernet Roku, or Wifi computers/tablets.

@napercort Thanks for the update.  Are testing using your indoor antenna?  I do have my 802.11ac router located fairly close to the Tablo but my antenna is over 30’ away up on my roof.  When I get home I’ll move the router and report back if there are any changes.

@jbanks25 I own a 110+ old house.  The wiring in this house spans decades and I don’t make enough to be able to rewire.  Powerline isn’t a viable option by a long shot.  I have most equipment including my Tablo and one Roku 3 hard wired for Ethernet but have located the WiFi router in the same room since it is the most central location to the entire house.

Does anyone know if the Tablo itself is very susecptible to WiFi interference? 2.4, 5GHz or both?

@jbanks25 Wired streaming to my first Roku 3 is fine.  I bought a second Roku 3 last weekend for my bedroom and WiFi streaming is hit or miss.  I can stream some channels but not all.  I am going to drag an Ethernet cable to the second Roku 3 and see if that changes the situation.  If so I am curious if the Tablo and/or the Tablo app on different devices has issues with latency???

@Fubie I had trouble running 2 Roku 3’s in my house because of the WiFi direct controllers.  Even with the one Roku 3 I still have the controller still causes some interference even after bumping it to the 5ghz band.  

You may want to google Roku 3 Wifi direct interference and see if that may be part of your problem.  It really cut the effectivness of my otherwise rock solid asus router.

@jbanks25  Thanks for the info.  Searching on the subject really has some interesting links.  I’ve got some readying to do.  Any clue if WiFi can be fully disabled on the Roku3?

Found a possible answer to the Roku 3 WiFi Direct crowding the routers channel from forums post #13 “Networking: multiple WiFi networks on the same channel = interference?”  Apparently you can change the channel WiFi Direct on the Roku uses and then turn WiFi off.  Direct stays on the previous channel.

If you use wireless on the Roku the WiFi direct channel will always be the same. Once you force it to a channel you have to turn wireless off and leave it off. If you turn wireless on for any reason then the WiFi direct will change to the channel being used. I forced my Roku 3 to 5Ghz channel 165 many months ago. I have not touched the wireless on the Roku since then and WiFi direct is still using channel 165.

Yeah, I migrated mine to 36 on 5ghz and then switched to ethernet, and it is fine.  I don’t use 5ghz for anything else.  I’m considering eliminating that remote all together though since any of my tablets or phones can control the roku as well or better.