Are changes to recording quality dynamic?

So in my market, I have 2 channels that broadcast in 1080i and 2 in 780p (of the main 4, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX). Watching footbal on one that does 1080i, but my Tablo is set to 780p as recommended. There is observable picture quality issues with the live sports action, so want to compare with setting the Tablo to 1080i. I’m watching “live” although with a bit of a buffer, so wondering …

When I change the recording quality to 1080i on Tablo, when does it take effect? Do I have to power cycle the device? Or just change channels?

Want to be sure I am comparing 1080i before I conclude it’s no different, only to find out I didn’t do something necessary to make the change take affect :wink:

Thanks all -

I played around with these setting this morning on my PC while perfmon was running (looking at the network utilization).

I went all the way from 1080p to standard def so I could make sure I would notice the difference. If you have a channel (or more) tuned when you make the change, that channel(s) will stay at the old setting, and any new channel being tuned will have the new setting. The network utilization is vastly different between 1080p and standard def, as you can imagine.

So, if you want to see how something looks at 1080p vs 720p while that event is going on, it will require some work. If you have a 2 tuner Tablo, you will need to tune to two other stations after making the change before you can go back to the channel under test. If you have a four tuner, then you will have to go to four other stations. The other option is to reboot the Tablo after making the change, since that frees up all the tuners as well.

Thanks for that Snowcat!

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