Archer C8 router, $99 CAD today only

Those looking to upgrade their router for better Tablo streaming - great deal of the day.


Canada only it looks like but what a steal!


That is a good price for that router.
It’s the one I have and I’ve been very happy with its range, throughput, and reliability.


I looked and it doesn’t say that. There may be a fee for changing US $ to Canadian

And even better deal, today only $89 CAD

NCIX is back up to $169 so you know this is a legit sale, not just a “regular” sale price. Hope it helps some with Tablo streaming issues.


Wow that’s an incredible deal, especially considering the Canadian dollar is weak relative to the American dollar right now.

Yes true the CAD to USD would make it even cheaper for the Americans.

Don’t know if will sell to US when has it but not at that price. I have the C7 so won’t be ordering.

Archer C7 for $89.99 CAD, today only:

Oooh… Might have to pick one up for home. Tx for the FYI!

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No problem - it’s not the C8 but it’s still a great deal. The only difference is the beam forming with the C8.

Archer C8, now $98 CAD, great deal, today only. For those who want to buff up their WiFi for Tablo streaming, maybe solve that buffering.

Back on sale, $99

Again, Archer C7 for $89.99 CAD, today only:


Sometimes it comes down to brand loyalty for me but that Archer is a nice router for little $
I have been partial to ASUS routers for many years. ASUS RTAC68U router and Merlin firmware has been so stable for me.
I’m sure there are other brand loyalist as well

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Just ordered an Archer C7 from today for $99.74 but also had a coupon code for $25 off that. Seemed like good timing!

Oh sweet - what’s the coupon code? I could use another router.