AppleTV TV App - Live TV / Sports

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Apple announced today that they would add a “Live TV” and “Live Sports” component to the TV app. This could be a game changer, I hope you’re on it. It would be stellar not having to open the Tablo App and would make it easier for people’s wives to use.

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Still waiting on all of the AndroidTV integration…

but not their husbands?

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Sadly the good folks at Apple still have the TV app on lockdown. They’re only allowing select partners to participate at this time and we’re not quite cool enough yet.

Let us know what we can do to help you be cooler with bugging Apple. I’m glad you guys are on top of this stuff.

The major complaint I hear about Tablo is the Wife Acceptance Factor. I’m single, so it doesn’t apply to me. Just commenting about what ppl say here. I am sure it will help the guys as well. :slight_smile: