AppleTV 4k with Wifi buffering on Live TV

My network consists of a Google Mesh Router and 3 Access points.
My Tablo is hardwired to the network and I watch it through an Amazon Fire HD and 2 AppleTV 4k’s in my Living room and Bedroom.
My Living Room AppleTV is hard wired and the other devices are within 20 feet of different Access points.
I have no issues watching Live TV from my Fire HD. Live TV will sometimes buffer on my AppleTV in the Living Room (hardwired), but is resolved with a reboot. Live TV constantly buffers when I try to watch if from the AppleTV in my bedroom (wifi).
I have followed the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide and confirmed the Wifi Signal in my Bedroom. It appears the issue is with the WiFi however I have no issues streaming other Services on the Bedroom AppleTV - Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, etc.