Apple v 4 Ethernet connection issue

I have a new Apple TV 4 that simply will not connect to my network via Ethernet over copper.

I have another Apple TV and a fire tv that are both connected via Ethernet over copper on my network.

One recommendation so far has been to reboot the router…

My question is if I reboot the router, do I need to do anything with the Tablo? And just to be sure, I’ll probably start with a reboot of the cable modem. Then setup the router again.

Then I’ll make sure all of the Ethernet over copper devices are synched up.

Then I’ll t st connectivity on the FTV & the 2 ATV 4’s.

What should I do with the Tablo at this point? I’ll also post this over on Reddit as well.

No. Just rebooting the router clears up a lot of connection issues.