Apple TV Siri Remote less responsive with latest firmware?

I’ve had my 4-tuner Tablo for some time, starting well before the first iteration of the Tablo Apple TV app.

Early versions of the Tablo Apple TV app had fairly consistent playback control using the Siri Remote. However, since the latest firmware upgrade (2.2.20), I’ve been experiencing a lot more inconsistency, especially when Fast Forwarding.

It seems that I must VERY precisely position my finger on the Siri Remote tracking surface, and hold it down absolutely stationary to successfully FF. If I’m the slightest bit “off” in my positioning or pressure, FF stops. If I continue to hold, FF resumes, but erratically.

I agree that the Siri Remote can be “fiddly” and require accurate gestures, however the Tablo app, running this firmware, has lately delivered the worst results. Other apps are more forgiving, and I generally don’t think twice about navigating.

I’m experiencing this issue on both the Apple TV 4th Gen, and the Apple TV 4K (5th gen).

Is there any other Apple TV user experiencing this issue, or do I need to maybe file down my callouses?

It’s seam to me it’s less responsive and on my Apple TV when you click on the home button after a show is finished to select another show it goes all the way back to the app screen. I have to click it several time to switch shows.

Hi guys - I’ve sent this along to the team to check out. I’m not aware of anything that would have affected this, but you never know…

Stay tuned!

I am having similar problems since updating to the latest firmware. I have an AppleTV 4(tvOS 11.4 15L577). But this is also happening on my iPhone 6 well scrubbing with my finger. I haven’t tried it on my iMac.

  1. Recordings greater than an hour will stop playback at an hour.
  2. When I try to scrub with a Siri remote the play point returns to a period before the one hour mark. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the start point.
  3. When I try to advance in increments it is moving forward and backward in 10 second intervals.
  4. Until today, when I would scrub the image in the scrub preview would flicker back-and-forth from a current position to a position within the first hour.
  5. Today, the scrubbing preview has disappeared completely. the video continues to play on a regular time scale while I watch the scrub bar advance the time. When I press the center button on the remote it will advance to whatever timepoint the scrap bar has on it. I just can’t see a preview of that point.

I’ve checked some old recordings from prior to May 11 and the problem doesn’t seem to occur except for 3. Just recent recordings.


Hey folks -

The last tvOS update happened around the same time as the firmware update, and we have seen some similar behavior across other apps.

Are you seeing this as well?

I’d have to say yes.