Apple TV or Roku?

I was getting ready to buy 2 more Apple TV’s. Then I watched the video on Tablo TVs website about the Roku and the Roku app. If you have the Roku there’s no need for any kind of airplay or tablet? TabloTV seems to be putting some work into the Roku app. No app for AppleTV? Does anyone have both? any opinions on which route is better. From the video it looks like an iPad browsing what’s on the Tablo is a lot faster. Guide, recordings, schedule, live TV, etc…


@mb190e - We’d like to have a native app for Apple TV but they haven’t opened the box to many third-party developers like Roku has. 

There is no need for AirPlay with Roku but browsing will be faster on iOS.

Roku app is ok but not nearly as nice as on the ipad.  Takes quite a while (30-40 seconds) for live TV to load and even to change channels.  No on screen grid style channel guide like on the ipad app.  When you are FFing you are doing so blind, have to stop several times to see if the commercial is over, then you overshoot and have to RW some, etc.
Sounds like Tablo is working hard on improving the Roku app though so a lot of this stuff will almost certainly improve over time.  Fortunately they are VERY responsive to customer input.
I was actually thinking of getting an apple TV to use ipad mirroring thinking that may get the same content but faster loading, on screen grid channel guide, etc.  Have you used the apple tv with it?  if so how does that work?

also, I am using a Roku 3, the fastest version, FYI.

I have 2 Apple TVs and it works really good. It’s fast and clean with the AppleTV you are fast forwarding blind also. I just like the idea of removing the middle step (airplay). I think I’m going to hold out for the new AppleTV hopefully in June they will allow third-party apps

Hey thanks.  Glad to hear Apple TV works well.  Great idea on waiting till June.  I think I’ll do the same.  My bet is by then the Roku app will likely be better also, so we’ll see, maybe I won’t even need one.  Tablo seems to be working hard to improve it. 

@TabloTV I know there is no need for AirPlay on Roku but was just looking at the speed issues.  I personally am totally sold on Tablo and really want to ditch U-verse.  However the rest of the family complains about the live TV delay and won’t let me do it.  We pretty much exclusively watch on the big TV’s not on our ipads, so we’re dependent on the slow Roku app.
I can see you’re working hard to improve it though.  Keep up the great work!

Thanks Klem.