Apple TV keeps stopping when streaming with TabloTV

Has anyone else encountered this issue? When we stream recordings via AppleTV, the stream frequently seems to get interrupted and Apple TV resets back to the main screen. Not sure if it’s the Tablo or Apple TV that is causing the problem. We tried streaming from both an iPad Mini and an iPhone but the same seems to happen. It’s almost like it’s got trouble accessing the recording.

It only seems to happen with some recordings and is very intermittent (although when it does happen it seems to happen frequently and pretty consistently). My recording quality is set to HD 720 - 5 Mbps and running Tablo 2.2.8 with app version 1.0.25-616/3000278

@renew Our team is working on reproducing this now. Thanks for flagging this - if anyone else sees similar behaviour, please feel free to post here!

I Airplay from an iPhone 6+. It hasn’t caused any issues with the AppleTV4. However, if while streaming, I press Menu on the remote, the Tablo app on the iPhone becomes unresponsive and I have to clear the Tablo App and restart it. Sometimes even that doesn’t work, but if I go to cellular and connect to Tablo it works, then go back to WiFi and it continues working.

What kind of router you using?

I found out it helped with the interruption when I reserved an IP adress for both my Apple TV / Tablo.

Updating your router firmware can also help, if your router is not great this is a good place to invest in your setup.

And also, I use my iPad 95% of the time for Airplay, the app is better designed with it and it allows me to receive phone calls when I watch a show :slight_smile: