Apple TV Disconnects; Roku Plays Perfectly

My Tablo (first generation quad) favors my Roku over my AppleTV. The Tablo app on my AppleTV disconnects while streaming. Other apps on the AppleTV stream without problems. The Tablo app on my Roku does not have this problem.

Are they both connected to the network in the same way? E.g wired vs wireless? Is it possible one of them has a better connection - could it be in a better spot, closer to the router (if it’s on WiFi) for example?

The Roku and AppleTV are both on the same WiFi network, about two inches apart, and are equidistant from my router. Other apps, e.g. Netflix and PBS, stream perfectly on both Roku and AppleTV. Roku says my WiFi connection is “excellent” and AppleTV says “•••••” (five dots).