Apple tv connection

Been having some intermittent connection issues between tablo and apple tv. I’ve unplugged the Tablo, restarted the Apple TV but it doesn’t want to cooperate.
After unplugging, I’m able to connect to the Tablo with my ios app but still having issues over apple tv.
These issues seemed to pop up soon after switching to a Google nest router.

Sounds like your Tablo or your Apple TV might be playing ‘access point hopscotch’.

Try moving one or both a bit closer to the nearest access point. And/or if possible connecting the Tablo via Ethernet to one of the access points.

Tablo is literally 3 feet from the access point.

Distance is not the only / entire point, did you read the link above?

I did. I get it. I’ll look into maybe running an Ethernet cable or power line.
However, it just dawned on me that these issues only seem to be occurring on DVR (‘Recordings’) playback.
This issue isn’t present when watching live over the air TV.

Do you have your live TV quality set the same as your recording quality?

If not, it may be prudent to have support take a look at your drive’s health.

Live and recording quality are the same.

Hardwired the Ethernet port of the tablo into the switch that’s connected to the router. Still having trouble connecting.
Fwiw, I’m able to connect fine via the iOS tablo app.

Deleted the Tablo app on Apple TV, reinstalled and is working fine for now. BUT will have to wait and see as previously it would work for a bit and then have issues.