Apple TV Client - Constant Freezing / Buffering

I have had my Tablo 4 Tuner for a couple days now. I have tested it with several clients with varying types of connectivity. The Apple TV Client v 1.1(31) consistently freezes and buffers on live tv. Upon choosing a channel to tune into the stream will play for roughly 10 to 15 seconds then freeze and I can see the buffer line increasing. Unfortunately, that is the end of it. The show never begins to replay.

I have tested the following clients. All connections are wireless:

Chrome Web Browser - Excellent playback, no freezing
Roku TV - Excellent playback, no freezing
Roku Stick (3500) - Excellent playback, no freezing, sluggish UI
Xbox One S - Excellent playback, no freezing
Apple iPad - Good Playback, limited freezing, restarts if I go back to the guid.
Apple TV - Only plays for about 10 to 15 seconds then freezes the stream

Any help you can provide would be great!

Follow up to yesterday post… While not elegant, nor a solution I was able to get the Apple TV to play a stream in a stable manner.

  1. Find the live tv show you want to watch right now.
  2. Start recording it.
  3. Grab a beverage
  4. Start watching the recording.

Any comments from the @TabloSupport staff would be excellent.


Is anyone else having a similar experience to @hypractv’s?
Can you send this report to our support team? We can take a look at your Tablo’s logs on our end to see what’s up.

AppleTV 4 has been flawless working with tablo for 2 months now, again…
Antenna type,location, height…good ac router, good broadband speed.
Like others patiently waiting for more features to integrate other than the 3…recordings…live…Tablo. The ios app has so much more functionality.

Love the tablo
DB 4 antenna, mounted on a eve mount…6 feet above roof height
CMaster 4 port dist amp…no other amp needed as i am 20 miles from towers.
Tablo shares one of the 4 coax ports
Tablo is cat 5 into my asus 68 u router.
All 4 coax ports have a strong signal to the respective tvs.
Getting 20 chanells …720’p stations…30 …480

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After resetting the Apple TV and running a battery of tests the Apple TV App is now performing very well and as expected. Thanks!

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