Apple TV Broke Tablo

We are talking about TVOS. 17.

I got a response back from Tablo they are aware and working on it but 0% of substance. For comparison, I have been getting this same response from issues with TVOS 16 months ago and still not resolved.

I agree that the tvOS app was a problem, but the iOS app failed almost identically for me. I have only been able to test the 17.2 PB2 on iOS so far. Until this 17.2 beta stream I had no serious problems with the Tablo app on AppleTV. To be clear, I am testing with the Tablo Legacy platform, not the new product.

tablo quad ios 17.1 not working on tv app.

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iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2 Public beta 3 seems to have resolved these issues. Let’s hope the fixes stick for the final release.

At least you have an app :rofl: the new white Tablo can not even work at all on AppleTV devices. I had to hook up a FireTv Cube just for it. Really should have not even been released without this support I think, just rushing to sell the 2 tuners off so they can start selling the 4 tuners. It’s not a accident they are pushing the 2 tuner so hard and not releasing the 4 tuner yet. Right after the holiday sales pushing the 2 tuners,watch the 4 tuners will magically start shipping.

@TabloEngineering @TabloSupport Seems like Public Betas broke playback again. iOS / iPadOS 17.4 PB 2 broke playback of recordings. Nothing but a spinning wheel.