Apple TV App won't show guide or live tv

Hi All. New Tablo owner here and am having a problem. Got the Tablo last on Thursday, set up, updated firmware, connected to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and web interface fine. I signed up for my guide trial, recorded some shows, and all worked well (Ok, there was a bit of a learning curve but . . .). Yesterday evening the Apple TV app started refusing to show the guide/live tv section. Just keeps saying “try again” over and over. Note that the Tablo is connected and I can watch recordings just fine and go to the info screen. Also the guide/live tv works fine on my iPhone, iPad, and the web interface. Yes, I have restarted the Apple TV and the Tablo TV. Needless to say the Apple TV is our main interface for using the Tablo and this is really not passing the wife test at this point. Help!

This happened to me also last week. I had to delete the app from my apple TV and re download the app from the Apple TV App Store . Since downloading again I haven’t had the issue yet. Good luck.

Bret - that did it, thanks. I remember that I had to do the same thing to the Netflix app a few months ago. Hope this isn’t a regular occurrence!