Apple TV app thumbnails?

Does the Apple TV have thumbnails when fast forwarding like the roku does?

I just got the Apple TV a few months ago and I’ve never been able to have this show up…makes it hard to fast forward. and yes there are free tuners.

@jbsmith_05 - Yes it does. You can read about all of the features here:

Please note that thumbnails will only be generated for completed recordings. If you’re trying to get thumbnails on an in-progress recording, this is not possible.

Thanks I did finally find that last night!

Two questions…

  1. Any plans to make the preview image a little bit bigger? I have a 46" tv and it seems pretty small and hard to see - at least compared to the roku app (that was replaced by the apple tv)?

  2. Is there a way to fast forward with the preview up similar to how the roku works - by holding down the right arrow on the roku remote? I know you can slide/swipe on the apple tv remote, but I find that difficult to control as it either goes 15 min forward or I’m spending a lot of time trying to get it just right…


@jbsmith_05 - A lot of the player attributes (like the size of the FFWD previews) is controlled by Apple so we don’t have a lot of choice on that.

As for Fast Forward, the Apple TV remote is a bit different than Roku… You can use the slide/swipe or use the directional pad to get most of the way and then just click it to find the ‘right’ spot.

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