Apple TV 4 and 4K guide sync is slow


New tabl 4 owner. Occasionally and every tie inactive for a time the guide is slow to populate when entering Live TV. Is it just me or is this a known issue?


When you say “slow”, what do you mean? Like it takes 60 seconds to load?

The Apple TV app is based off the Roku interface and that takes like 10 seconds to load the guide data as it is fetched every time you go to it.

At least 10 if not 20. Not a great user experience combined with the time it takes to tune a channel.


The time it takes to tune a channel universal across all viewing devices for the Tablo.

The Tablo converts the native MPEG2 video to h.264 video, it creates a 10 second buffer before it starts streaming. So the time to tune a channel is at least 10 seconds.

I fully understand what is taking place transcoding wise. I am just saying the two wait times combined do not provide for a great experience.


I run a splitter from my antenna, one cable to the Tablo and one cable directly to the HDTV so watching Live TV is quick and better quality.

You may want to consider the Tablo ENGINE on a NVIDIA Shield if you want faster channel switching - this is a one TV solution though.

Other considerations are HDHomeRun with Plex DVR (this is a multi-device solution but requires a computer to run the DVR software), or ChannelMaster DVR+.

I have to agree with Kryspy, waiting for the guide to populate when it’s only been an hour or so since I last used the Tablo on the same device is frustrating.
Save what’s there already and update what has changed.

What streaming device are you using?

Some devices don’t sync and they have to fetch the information everytime.

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Using Apple TV 4 and a 4K. I just stopped using a home server and Plex. Moved Plex to the cloud. So more or less been there done that.