App not working with new Apple TV 4 update (10.1)

FYI. I have 7 Apple TV 4th generation (all hardwired) and I updated 6 of them today. The Tablo app is now broken on all 6 that I updated but working fine on the 1 that didn’t get updated. Initially the app would open and it allow you to watch “live tv” but it wouldn’t update the recordings page. After closing or removing/reinstalling the app it comes up with “a network error occured” when it tries to find it. If I click on cancel instead of try again it will scan the network and find the Tablo but once again gives the “a network error occured” message. Reboot of all networking items involved produced same results. Again, the Apple TV that I did not update works fine and I’m also currently watching “The Middle” which was recorded earlier this evening (after I updated all of the Apple TV’s) on a Windows 7 laptop through my Chrome browser with no issues wirelessly.

@Hoodwink Very odd, we’ve got quite a few folks using 10.1 on their Apple TVs without any issues. This doesn’t appear to be widespread - we’d like to take a look at your Tablo and see what’s going on. Can you send our support team a note?

Came home from work today and all are working now. Didn’t do anything since my post last night. I will write this one up to some kind of hiccup. I will send a note to support if something changes.

Dead again:(

I think I found something. That error is occurring when I try to use the Apple TV app while a previously scheduled recording is taking place. As soon as I tried it when there was not a show recording it connected just fine. Looking back to yesterday it was the same situation.

@Hoodwink Thanks for sending this over - our team has sent over a note for next steps.