App not syncing, roku stick only loading minimal content

Hi, I have a 4 tunner hard wired to my dual band router.
Recently, around the last two updates (may not mean anything) I have had connectivity issues with the roku stick, recording graphics and ability to watch/access them disappears before my eyes, plus, the app on ipad wont connect and/or sync.
No blinking lights on tablo.
Roku3 hardwired works fine.

I have cycled tablo on its own, this am did a full disconnect of everything and individually powered modem, router, tablo, roku3, etc.

Only thing that looks fishy is modem changed from “blue” (stronger connection) upload connection to “yellow” light upload connection. After restart, it was blue; after tablo restarted it went back to yellow, but thats modem, not router.

Cant figure it out…

Wait… going to try “factory reset” router (again-ish). Had this correct something before.