App not available in Google Play Galaxy S5

Google Play is stating that the Tablo app is not compatible with my Galaxy S5? I’m running android 4.2.2 What the dealio?

Is it because of the screen size?  Just found a little tid bitty on that.

The Tablo apps won’t install on smartphones (Android or iPhone).   They are tablet apps only for now.

So to use the Tablo on it, open up Chrome and go to   That brings up the web app, which usually works very well.

Thanks @snowcat

The current restriction of the Tablo apps needs to be changed ASAP.    There is no good reason a 5 or 6" screen smartphone, should be forced to use the web app.

@7up The app(s) weren’t (initially) designed to scale below 7" - that’s at least the technical reason why we can’t just lift the screen size requirements. That being said - we’re aware of how big of a feature request this is. Stay tuned! 

With that said, when it works (and apparently there are problems on 4.4) the web browser interface works pretty well under Chrome (which has an “app” mode for web sites).  I run this way on a 4.7" screen under Android 4.1

Video?  Sure, why not… I made this to show how I have to pinch/zoom to get a full screen display.  Like others, if I try to make the player fullscreen either the controls don’t work at all, or all you get is  a black screen with audio.

Btw, this capture does not include the audio stream… so don’t expect it :slight_smile: