App compatible with Android TV

I’m looking into buying a Sony television with Android TV. I have heard of folks using the Tablo Android app on the Google Nexus Player and I also use the Tablo app on Amazon’s Fire TV which is a version of Android to. However, while doing some research I can’t find any evidence that the Tablo Android app is available on Android TV for Televisions. Can you please create an app or upgrade the existing so it is available.

I’m not too familiar with HDTVs that run Android TV OS, but in theory it should work. The Android app in the Google Play store that runs on the Nexus Player is intended to be an Android TV app.

However, from what I hear, the hardware in the HDTVs running the Android TV OS are underpowered in comparison to standalone boxes such as the Nexus Player or Fire TV. So while the app might work, it might not work very quickly, or even slowly. So just a note of caution there.

I thought they would be underpowered, but looking at previews of this TV, I guess they stuck a relatively powerful processor that can handle 4k playback, so I think you will be okay. The Tablo app runs great on Android TV! It’s a Sony-made processor, so I haven’t heard of it or used it before. Let us know what your experiences are like.

@hellbound - Technically if you do have a TV that supports Android TV you should be able to load our app through the Google Play store and it should work awesome. I believe Sony & Sharp have moved to Android for their O/S of choice for brand new sets.

The thing is, there just aren’t very many of these TVs on the market yet so we don’t go waving the ‘SmartTV’ flag because MOST people who do have SmartTVs now have ones with a range of old and wacky operating systems that simply won’t work.