API/interface to pull recorded show listings, metadata, and files off of the Tablo

I can confirm that tablo2go does indeed work ( tablo2go-3.35-with-fixes.py ).
I upgraded to 2.2.14 over the weekend, and tablo2go still works fine.

June 09, 2014…

How’s this coming along? I’m sure many have tuned out, while many others are still tuned in with anticipation for this functionality!!

Any update when the future will be upon us? :timer_clock:

found the benefits of scheduled bookmarks :slight_smile:


We’ve “stayed tuned”, so what’s up with the plans? …to add download functionality? Is this the future yet? or a few more years?

[the date reminder for forums bookmarks does have a purpose :neutral_face: ]


June 2014… plan to add download functionality - Now June 2023, how far into the future do we need to be? Most of us still haven’t gotten our TARDIS working yet.

Less then 10 doesn’t equal “years away”?

…or does @TabloTV have a policy of telling users whatever they need/want to hear - “on the road map”, etc - just to move them along?


Will the API be open to the public so that we can create some apps?

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Users stayed tuned for 10 years now… can’t you just resend and say it’ll never ever happen?

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