Anyone using TP-Link Wifi (6?) gear?

Hey all,

It’s looking like the parents Airport Extreme is about to fail.

I have several TP-Link Ethernet routers and switches for work and have been impressed with their customer service over the years.

Was just wondering if any Tablo users were using TP-Link Wifi gear, and if anyone had experiences to share, positive or negative?

Current, reliable set-up I’d be trying to replace -

Airport Extreme (AC version) w/ Epson usb printer connected in home office with Cable modem
Airport Time Capsule (AC version) in opposite side of house (keeping the Time Machine backup in a separate room from the computers backing up to it)
Airport Express (802.11g version) in bedroom upstairs, Tablo connected via Ethernet. (Tablo assigned static IP in the router/Airport Extreme)

This setup has been reliable, stable, for all the family home office needs, streaming video and Tablo needs, over the years.

Would appreciate any thoughts. My main concern is maintaining a stable and reliable setup for the parents.

Take care all