Anyone using Tablo with 4K TV?

So, is anyone using Tablo with a 4K TV and if so, how is the image quality?

My primary TV recently died so I need to replace it. All things being equal, since I need the new TV now, I’d just as soon get a 4K set. I was planning on waiting another year or two before making that upgrade, but that timing no longer works.

Does Tablo upscaled to 4K look about the same as upscaled to 1080p, or is it significantly worse. I use the Tablo 1080p recording setting and on my 42" 1080p plasma set it looks great. On my 50" 720p plasma (the one that just died), it looked as good as the MPEG2 recordings from my SageTV (or close enough that I really couldn’t tell).
I’m moving to a 65" LED - and the question remains whether a 4K set will look rubbish with Tablo feeding it.

Thanks for any real world user insight you can provide!

I’m not, but I had a thought for you… If they have the TV you’re interested in on display in the store and they’ll let you have access to use one of the HDMI ports, you could test it in the store to see if the quality is acceptable to you. Quality tends to be somewhat subjective, so you’re the one who who has to decide if it’s good enough for you.

The easiest way to test is if you have a FireTV stick that way you won’t need a power plug for a fire tv on other player. Roku stick won’t work since it doesn’t have Tablo Connect.

Do you mean with a Fire TV Stick? Getting a solid WiFi signal would probably be tricky (and power, although a USB port should work).

Depends where you go. I get solid WiFi at Best Buy on my phone. Also at Sam’s. HDMI port. USB port not needed.

Yes it is, you need DC power for Fire TV to work!

I think he means you could use the power adaptor provided in the box (in lieu of a USB port).

Edit: well, maybe he didn’t mean that. In any event, you need a powered USB port or you need to use the power adaptor.

forgot about power for the stick. It has been a couple of weeks since I connected it. You are correct…power is needed. I’ll try going to Best Buy and looking at the tvs and see if they will let me see what Tablo will look like on the tv. I have a feeling it will just look normal. I did ask Best Buy if any local stations were broadcasting in 4K in Austin and they said no. Will streaming Netflix look better using a 4K tv?

You have to subscribe for an additonal $4/month to UHD Netflix (and the 4K catalog is still quite limited), but yes, streaming 4K Netflix content should look better. Regular content will simply be up-scaled to the native 4K resolution, and how good that looks has a lot to do with the TV’s upscaling engine, but in general, people seem to report that it looks very good.

Yea, it’s a few years away before we see much in the way of OTA 4K (look at the ATSC 3.0 info).

@ChrisFix One of my TVs is a 4K tv. It looks great. I watch Tablo via full Amazon FireTV. Want to see some screenshots?

Hell yea!!
What quality setting do you use on your Tablo (I use the 1080p setting)? So you’re generally happy with the up-scaling and not seeing too many artifacts or too soft an image?
Thanks for any info you can share…

@ChrisFix Yes. I have a 4-Tuner model and record at 1080p. New FireTV app works awesome. Everything will depend on your 4K set you purchase. If you go with Sony or Samsung (higher line, not the cheap ones), it should scale fine. The Sony I have, over processes the picture, but this should help with your expectations.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post these! 4K doesn’t make David Lettermen look any better however!! :smile:

@ChrisFix No problem. I miss Dave. :disappointed: BTW, my local CBS is very soft / crappy image quality due to multicasting and overcompression.

One thing to think about is your data consumption, as most ISPs have data caps. I monitor my data usage quite closely (350GB/month) and as I was using quite a bit streaming Netflix/Hulu/Sling starting the day I cut the cord, I deliberately degraded my streaming quality… it’s still quite acceptable, but made a dramatic cut in my rate of data consumption. Something to consider as streaming moves from 1080p to 4K and beyond. Hopefully, ISPs will raise their caps again.

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At least the Tablo is all local streaming - very little true Internet usage.

what ISP gave you the cap ? i was saw mention of a cap from Comcast but I was never able to determine what if any the cap was

I’m with Cox Communications. Unlike a lot of ISPs, they’re very upfront about their policy, and even give you a tool to monitor data usage that’s updated daily. The data cap varies depending on the plan you have, with faster speed plans getting a higher data cap.

Props for including screenshots of last night Titans’ game. :smiley: It was great to go back to the stadium after a long offseason.

Miracles not included :wink: