Anyone using a casting App to the Roku

I have a Roku3, FireTv Stick and Chromecast all plugged into a 4x2 HDMI splitter.  I have a few shows like Walking Dead that I cannot get on the Roku so I watch them on my computer and cast them to my Chromecast which requires me to switch inputs.  I see there are apps like R-Cast and Allcast that run on the Roku. 

Does anyone use either of these(R-Cast / Allcast) or have a different option to cast from my PC to the Roku3?  Also, any way to get AMC (besides SlingTV) om the Roku3 without casting it?  Thanks

The Roku 3 has a built in (Beta) Screen Mirroring feature.

Thanks @roraniel - Good news/Bad news.  Good news is that my phone is ATT Samsung so I have one device that works.  bad news is that my PC/Laptop are both Win7 so I cant use either of them.

I did try the mirroring with my phone and it looks pretty good so that could be an option, or I could buy a new Laptop/Tablet running Win 8.1

@crm1975 I believe Windows 10 is coming out this Summer and I suspect it will be supported. More good news is that Microsoft has announced that anyone running W7 or W8.1 can upgrade to W10 for free.

I was running the preview of W10 for a while and I thought it was a little snappier than W8.1. Not sure how it will run on a PC designed for W7 but when I upgraded a W7 laptop to W8.1 a couple Laptop’s ago, W8.1 made the laptop run faster and smoother.