Anyone observed the tablo's "garbage collection"?

So I notice that the tablo tends to remain active and even continue to record a station for a short amount of time after I have closed the browser tab. It seems a little wasteful but on the other hand I can see the usefulness like being able to come back to the player 10 minutes later and still being able to view what you missed and such.

That leads me to a growing concern, these live streaming views write temp video files to the hard drive. My experience with anything that writes temp files is that they can fail at properly removing them. Many of you are aware the windows TEMP folder can get pretty out of hand, and that is because programs that use it like browsers, installers, and unZIP programs suck and going back over their own data.

The reason I am suspect is some of the issues people have with the tablo can arise from running out of disk space. I pretty much have 2 questions,

#1 does the tablo still clean up space and delete temp files even after it loses track of them? For instance if the tablo crashes after you had been watching a show that created 10gb in temp files, when it comes back online it will have no idea it wrote those files. Unless it indiscriminately deletes older files in a temp folder, those files will eat space until the drive is reformatted (or deleted after connecting to a linux box).

#2 does the tablo COUNT data in its temp folder when reporting the space free on its web status page? If it doesn’t then we could have no idea if #1 is happening thus breaking the tablo box.