Anyone notice Channel 11 FOX LA issues this morning?

it seemed to drop to RED today when I had full bars previously. Is there anyplace to check for issues on this?

So as the day moves on the signal gets better. Anyone else see this on other channels in their area??

Here is a good site to look at if you have issues with a channel.   There is a thread on pretty much every market in the US.

One my Nashville locals went down last week (I only noticed because I lost some recordings), and my local thread talked about the issue.

I didn’t see an LA OTA problems though.

@snowcat, thanks for the link!

Yea, I did not see it either. It is weird because I had all green on 11 and when I rescanned this morning it was red.
So not sure if it is weather, which is great today, or what.

But pretty sure I am going to upgrade the antenna anyway to something better.