Anyone not using subscription and Firetv?

I am thinking that you see some UI performance improvements went not subscribed since the meta data will not need to be DL and presented

Not exactly the preferred biz model for sure but anyone running this scenario?


Are you running your Tablo without a subscription?

not yet, i am still on the free trial so i will know the answer in time –

I am willing to give up the benefits of the sub service if i get better performance

Are you using a Fire TV box or Fire TV Stick?

I have the firetv Box – you can easily click ahead of the live menu as the meta data loads ( i.e cursor on channel 10 and meta data on channel 8 )

Been looking at the nvidia shield but i am a heavy amazon user – hoping the new firetv will fix the issues - if ya cant optimize the SW throw more CPU at it :smile: