Anyone ever had this happen before?

See picture below. The whole show was like this. I suppose it could have been an issue with the channel itself but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Also 100 points if you can figure out what show this is!

I’m going to guess “The Daily Show”…

Enjoy your 100 points!

I really wanted those 100 points!!

Ok, How are you watching the daily show over the air???

@Jestep It airs on CTV in Canada

This happened again on a different channel so I’m thinking it is something Tablo related. Any ideas?

I’m bringing back this old post because the Tablo just ruined the series premiere of Heroes Reborn for me. The exact some thing happened with the picture going all green and purple like it did in my previous posts. @TabloSupport previously said it was due to low signal strength but I just checked the channel at the same time as it was recording the last 10 minutes and signal strength was at 89% so that theory is gone. Any other ideas? Maybe a defective tuner?

I believe what you are looking at is macroblocks in the mpeg stream. It would be a problem with corrupted signal, but where that corruption is, who knows. Could be hardware (DCT most likely) or just garbage mixed into the signal due to poor propagation. If I had to guess, I’d say poor propagation.


Thanks for the reply, however I’m not sure what you mean by propagation. Is it something I can do something about?

Propagation is the measure of a transmission signal to reach it’s proper termination point. So, if the propagation is good, the signal will produce what is needed to complete the transmission. If it is poor, it will produce portions of that signal, or no signal. Many factors can come into what produces less then good propagation. Some are controllable, others are not. It really depends at what point the signal is being corrupted. If it is the hardware, it can be fixed or replaced. If it is the broadcast signal itself, possibly if better reception can be achieved with better equipment or better adjustment to existing equipment. Weather can also be the factor causing poor propagation. Or solar activity, or interference, or just a bunch of other things. Signal strength is only a measurement of strength, not the quality of the signal.

Back in the old days (where I am from), poor propagation in the form of ghosting was pretty normal with analog broadcast TV. This was where the signal found multiple paths to the receiving antenna and caused by the time effect difference due to transmission lag in one of the signals in relation to the other(s). This can happen in digital broadcast as well, as the actual signal being broadcast OTA is still a multiplexed analog signal, it only demuxes to true digital when it reaches the receiving equipment. So, all of the problems with analog broadcasting are still possible, but because digital is either “good enough” or “not good enough”, you don’t get ghosting, but you can get blocky effects and audio droupouts when the signal quality has been too compromised.

What you can do is have a second receiver available and connected to the same input signal. Then whenever you notice reception problems on a tablo channel, tune you second receiver to that same channel and see how it is working. If it’s working fine, you have a problem somewhere from the junction point where you split the signal all the way to the tablo unit itself. By process of elimination, you should be able to troubleshoot down to what needs to be worked on.


That’s actually what I did last night. I went to start watching Heroes Reborn with about half an hour left live and noticed the problem so switched to the TV, checked signal strength, and it was at 89% signal strength so no issues with the signal. The cable between the splitter and the tablo has also been changed since this happened the first time so that only leaves the Tablo. So @TabloSupport what’s your view? Defective unit?

Get in touch with Tablo Support and tell them what you did. They can actually “see” your Tablo and they have the expertise and tools to do something about it. Me, I just do alot of guessing based on troubleshooting techniques I have been taught ages ago and have used ever since.

From time to time I have a similar situation on a recording or Live TV. My antenna points to Sutro Tower in San Francisco, but aircraft leaving San Jose airport fly right through the path on takeoff. It is better with Tablo than with the Hauppague tuners I had in a SAGETV system, but the same effect. A buddy more techy than I says it is due to signal reflections and dual paths caused by the aircraft, or sometimes just the way the atmosphere is at the moment. I suppose it could be a Tablo issue, but I suspect it is more likely the dark side of digital broadcasting. Sometimes the data just gets hinky.

@MarcCharette - It could be one of two things… Either the Tablo itself, or your antenna/amplifier as overdriving the signal can cause this.

Do you have an amp? If not, place a ticket and we’ll swap out your Tablo so we can rule out a problem with the encoder chip.

I do have an amp so I’ll try taking that out of the equation before trying to swap the Tablo. I also have a few attenuators not being used so I’ll try putting them in front of the Tablo since the other TVs in the house are happy with the signal

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It seems the only thing that could get the tablo to start recording normally again was to power cycle it. I’ll see if it happens again now that I have the attenuators bringing the signal strength down. I can’t remove the preamp entirely because the coax run is 75 feet and I lose two channels if I don’t have it

What’s your preamp?

Channel master 7777

Where is it placed? Exactly at the antenna mast?