Anyone else having problems with iPad Air 2 disconnecting after pause?

I recently upgraded from an iPad 3 to an iPad Air 2.  As soon as I switched to the new iPad, I noticed that I tended to get disconnected after pausing for more than a few seconds then hitting play.  Usually I would be paused for a few minutes when this happened (I don’t know where the exact break point is).  The disconnect always happens 4 seconds after hitting play, and kicks me out to the “Connect to Tablo” screen.  I recently did some testing, and I was disconnected 10 out of 10 times.  Has anyone else been experiencing anything similar?  I contacted support and David was very nice and responsive, but unfortunately they weren’t able to replicate the issue so I kind of think this isn’t something that will get looked at (I don’t blame them, especially if I am the only one complaining of this).  If anyone has any ideas of things I can try, I am all ears!  

I am using AirPlay from my iPad to an Apple TV.  Everything from router to Apple TV is using the most recent version of software/firmware available.  Also, everything has been rebooted about a million times so I think it’s safe to rule that out.


Edit: forgot to mention that I am using a 4 tuner unit.

We’re trying to test a similar effect that we’ve heard of from one or two users. This appears to be some different kind of behaviour with the iPad Air 3.

Has anyone else seen this with the Air 3? We’ll be testing this in the office ASAP.

To avoid confusion…Air 2 is the current version of the iPad. @TabloSupport Let me know if there is any other testing/troubleshooting you would like me to perform on my setup

Your crappy app doesn’t work with the iPad Air 2. It works fine with the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus. The iPad Air 2 has been released for months - how about an actual answer, rather than all this reboot everything BS that doesn’t work?

A little honesty goes a long way. There’s NO REASON to make people think THEY are defective, when it’s your app that is defective. It should be pulled from the iOS App Store immediately.

I am sure that with your “Crappy” attitude they will get right on appeasing you. No sense in being civil huh?

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