Anyone else get a randomw welcome email?

I got a welcome email today. Subject " Welcome To Tablo" which is a bit strange since I’m a lifetime member from way back. It was to my guide subscription email address.

yup. me too.

I got it.

Maybe a new update installed? I had been having connection problems with my Roku tv the last few days, but this morning the problem seems to have gone away.

I received one as well

I got one as well. SEVERAL years too late! :wink:


Same here. Maybe somebody updated a database which caused some dates to reset.

Hey everyone! So sorry about that. We had a technical glitch which triggered that Welcome email. It’s been resolved now so you shouldn’t be receiving any more welcome emails from us.

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I received as well and lifetime subscriber.

Now that DRM keys are out and certification for NextGen, are you planning to release your previous ATSC 3.0 model. Hope so.

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Just got an email apologizing for the error.

The industry seems tight lipped about DVR functionality and I suspect it’s because that isn’t going to happen on legit devices. The industry isn’t even giving an ETA on remoter viewing so it’s probably going to be a while before we even see a network tuner without DVR.

Glad to hear it was a mistake on your end. I wondered if it was something nefarious like a spoofed phishing email