Anyone else catch the Tablo miss scheduling a record?

Early this evening I pulled up the live grid and noticed a program that I had set to record new shows was missing the record indicator. Checking the “Scheduled” section verified that it was set to record new shows and it wasn’t set to record the upcoming new show. Anyone else catch their Tablo missing records like this?

I have a similar problem, have mine scheduled to record orphan black. First went fine, second didn’t record and while it is still showing as scheduled recording the guide doesn’t show any upcoming episodes. It isn’t the channel because it is recording and showing other upcoming shows on same channel.

@ChrisWilkes - Does this show air on multiple channels in your market? The only way this could occur with the current Tablo recording logic is if there was an airing of this exact episode on a different channel at an earlier time. 

@MelC - If there aren’t any episodes in the next 2 weeks it won’t show in scheduled. 

@TabloTV It did not feed earlier on another channel. I even checked my recordings for it and it wasn’t present. It was actually the network primer for that episode.

primer = premier

@ChrisWilkes - Hrm… That’s definitely not how things should behave. Can you please place a ticket with support so we can pull the logs from your Tablo and find out what’s happening? 

The same episode failed to record last night for us too.

I’m not sure what color the REC button should be if it is ready to record…Orange or blue?

Since I don't know what color the REC button should be....I might be having the same problem as you.  Mine has been Orange.


Orange is scheduled to record - you’re good

Mine missed it as well (yeah, I’m a little behind on my TV watching…)

Question for everyone… Did you just not get anything recorded or did you get something different in its place? 

(Trying to understand if the guide data was wrong or if there’s something else at play…)

I got it recorded but I caught it before the scheduled time and added it manually by hitting the record button to highlight it.

It just happened to me again, last night.

I still use a TiVO, so I set recording on both devices via iPhone apps.  In the past, I thought maybe I didn’t set it on 
Tablo, but this time I distinctly remember doing so.  With the tablo, I set it then made sure the sync was complete and then when to see if showed up under scheduled recordings.  The next day, it was still present under “Scheduled Recordings”.  Today, I took a nap and missed the show entirely, so I didn’t have time to baby sit.  The result, no recording on the Tablo and nothing under “Failed Recordings.”  And yes, that channel is coming in strong and clear.

This doesn’t happen for shows that I set to record series wise.  Only, one off shows that I manually go through and hit record via, “TV Shows”.  It is completely random and has happened at least 4 times.  You should be able to set it and forget.  This is especially frustrating, when you go out of your way to record something.

Upon further inspection, it looks like the description of the show might have changed.  Not the time, date, or channel.  Which is odd, Tablo shouldn’t dismiss a recording due to a description change.  Once again, this does not happen for me when I record “all new” or “all” only when manually pressing “record” via “TV Shows”.


Yes that’s an unfortunate bug, if the description changes sometimes the unique ID used by the guide provider changes and thus the scheduling of the recording is lost.

I agree though, the “Rec New” feature hasn’t dropped shows for me even with changes.

Question for everyone.... Did you just not get anything recorded or did you get something different in its place? 

(Trying to understand if the guide data was wrong or if there's something else at play...)

Nothing recorded for me.

Thanks for all of the feedback here guys. We’re looking in to it.

I experience a similar problem with almost every recording I set up. I am in the guide, I select the show I want, I click record or record series (or whatever the specific buttons are), and…the guide rarely shows me any indication that it is going to record the show. On some occasions if I come back hours later the guide will show the record icon. Sometimes it doesn’t. Worse…it sometimes records and sometmes does not. Well…it usually records. But I do find myself attemping to record a single show numerous times just trying to get the android app to show the orange record light in the guide so I have some piece of mind.

Most shows I record are series recordings. So I rarely add new recordings. But when my wife has problems recording a single show and this happens. She isn’t happy. Which makes me not not happy. I’ve had to go as far as to use my SimpleTV to make sure a show my wife wants recorded. Their app always tells me if I’ve clcked record. Sure SimpleTV might not not actually record the show due to its pathetic tuner but at least the app shows me it is scheduled to record.

Last night I thought I was recording a movie and it turns out it didn’t get recorded. This morning all my scheduled recordings of movies were unscheduled and I had to reschedule them. I am using chrome on windows 7