Anybody use TABLO with AFN overseas?

I know I’m taking a chance just buying a Tablo while overseas. but anybody use a Tablo with AFN (Armed Forces Network_?

if so what did you put in regards to a stateside zip code?

I’m on base and there basic free local channels are OTA (Coaxial). Before I had a DVD Recorder. I put the coaxial to the recorder, HDMI from recorder to tv. recorded to dvdr manually.
Basically was trying to see if anyone knew if US zip codes that i could input.
I’m down to record manual. But cant get past zip code screen.

Not sure Tablo is the right solution for you.

Unless AFN broadcasts Over-the-Air it’s not likely to function correctly. Even then, the broadcast standards where you’re at are not likely to match those in North America and I’m not even sure what type of guide data would be available if any.

Unless things have changed with AFN broadcasts from the time I was in the US Army (1990s), AFN broadcasts in standard over-the-air signals comparable with the USA transmissions. Our standard TVs (that we purchased in the USA) worked with the broadcast - they did not pickup the “local channels” (channels broadcast by local markets), as they were broadcast in PAL (USA/Canada uses NTSC). We had a VCR that would record AFN broadcasts.

Since Gracenotes probably doesn’t include the proper guide data for AFN, all of the recording must be manual recordings. So, you will lose some functionality, but it should still work.

NOTE: Overseas means you will need a transformer for electricity use.

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For many installations, AFN is direct-to-home via satellite. Some bases/posts may have an analog cable system (still), but some of these base-wide systems were switching over to digital. Very few locations still have OTA transmitters on TV frequencies any more. Check with your post’s AFN office.

I remember that Tivo (yes, TIVO) made all kinds of special accommodations for the men and women serving overseas, with special zipcodes based on which satellite you were looking at, and an IR-blaster, so the unit could change the channel. It was limited to one recording at a time.

If your installation is using Over-The-Air broadcasting for AFN, and your TV was designed for the US market, Tablo would possibly work. (You may need to get at power adapter for the country you’re posted in, if your quarters are not wired for 120v.)

Getting the guide though could be a challenge, as it would require AFN to cooperate with Gracenote to get the AFN program schedule and synopsis info, and then Gracenote to set up a special zipcode for each timezone, that would accommodate the locations where US service people are posted. You may have to use Manual Recordings (on Tablo) to record.

Another solution, which we used while posted in both Korea and Seoul, was to set up the Tablo in the US at a relative’s or friend’s home. They would need to have a solid, high speed internet connection. You could then pair a Google Chromestick or Amazon Firestick, or even a cell phone with the Tablo at the location where your Tablo is connected to the antenna. During setup, they/you would need to have “Remote Access” enabled on the Tablo. After everything (including remote access) is working, they could send you the streaming device, and you could use it in your quarters. . (The key is the streaming device you want to use must have seen the Tablo on its local network first.) Roku devices would not work, because of the way the login authentication is done.

You could also investigate the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), if your installation authorities and foreign internet service provider allow their use. Many here have used VPNs with the Tablo with mixed results.

Hope this info helps – and THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SERVICE!


That was my thought too. I tried searching for both AFN and Armed Forces Network in conjunction with Gracenote. I didn’t find anything useful so it likely doesn’t support AFN. It’s probably possible to put in any US or Canadian Zip code and manually record. The next thing @fantomos would need to confirm is AFN broadcast a compatible signal(ATSC 1.0) and they have reliable internet. Without internet Tablo is the wrong choice. There may be another issue with time. I assume the base uses the time zone they are in. The Tablo uses the time zone of the entered zip cod and I don’t recall there being a way to change that. Some math might be required to even do a manual recording. Perhaps there is a zip code that is close to the correct time zone or close to a timezone 12 hours different from base. That would make the math easier.

That said if the internet is reliable the OP could possibly ship the Tablo home to a friend or family and use Tablo connect. That would probably require setting up a VPN which is another thing @fantomos would need to verify is supported on base.

@jimtablotv & @ronintexas appreciate all the advice. I’m accepting that’s Tablo just aint the way to record the OTA here. thanks.

I’m not sure which device may be the best solution for you because the most popular, contemporary ones are probably going to have the same limitations as Tablo.

I wonder if something old school like a Mediasonic Homeworx might be worth a shot…

You mentioned OTA so if they are actually indeed transmitting from a tower maybe they are embedding the guide data in the OTA signal, which I believe is how the Homeworx gets it’s guide

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This is the device I used previously myself. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but if you can confirm the Signal is compatible it’s a decent choice. It’s also inexpensive so you wouldn’t be risking much. Have a look at this video review. Tyler knows his stuff.

I can confirm that is how it gets its guide data. It does not attach to the internet at all.