Anybody in NYC metro who can confirm something for me?

In the plethora of channels we get here in NYC metro, there are several… odd ones.

Does anybody else get channel 68, WFUT?
Can you confirm what’s ACTUALLY being broadcast on the 2 subchannels, .2 and .3?
They show up in a channel scan as Justice (68-2) and GetTV (68-3) here, but the guide has GetTV(68-2) and JUSTNW(68-3)

If I pick something that’s supposed to be “Justice” I get whatever was playing on GetTV during that time period, which tells me the guide is wrong. If I pick something on GetTV, I get a show from Justice. how do I know? well, it couldn’t possibly be the little “GetTV” or “J” logo on the bottom right of the corner…

Tablo support, even after asking for pictures, wants to tell me that I’m wrong, and the guide is right.

Somebody wanna help a guy out here?

I’m not in NYC, but usually if I suspect a discrepancy between the Tablo guide and what I think, I’ll go to for a sanity check.

Yeah, well, titantv tells me that I’m right and the tablo is wrong. joy.

Well, if what you’re seeing matches TitanTV and not the Tablo, it looks like the solution is to get a support ticket in to the Tablo folks so they can get it fixed for you with their guide provider. It may take a week or two before it’s sorted out, tho sometimes it can be faster.

@Skunky What’s your ticket #? I’ll have @TabloSupport look into this further.

45797 is the ticket number.

and yes, I thought opening a support ticket open was the “right” way to go about things, and did that, almost 2 weeks ago now, to have been told, basically, “it’s just you, the guide provider says it’s right the way it is”

which really set me off, hi, i’m the customer here, I’ve told you I’ve got a problem, and support basically told me after waiting a week “you’re wrong” I’m still rather upset about it.

@Skunky I’m sorry you had that experience. :frowning: We’ll look into this further for you. Stay tuned.

So, I’ve been in “remote access mode” since I got up this morning. Unlike what the e-mail from support said, my box didn’t actually STAY in remote access mode, so I had to put it back in this morning before work. poor thing has been sitting here blinking it’s little heart out all day, but still no love from support. why oh why does this somehow not surprise me.

Things I’ve learned from the encounter:

  1. Tablo support will NOT follow up to verify that whatever your issue is has been resolved. They’ll tell you “it’ll be fixed in 2-5 days” but they never actually check with you to see if indeed the issue is resolved.
  2. Every interaction with support takes 2 days. It’s impossible for them to actually reply to something the same day you’ve replied back to them.
  3. They will assume you’re an idiot, and tell you so, in their oh so polite canadian way. If their 3rd party vendor says “oh your customer must be wrong” they assume that the customer is wrong. What happened to “the customer is always right”?

I’ve been doing customer service/customer support/tech support/etc for 25 years. If I behaved this way at any of the jobs I’ve had, I’d have been fired, and I’ve fired people in the past for the same issues.

Ah, yes, ‘remote access mode’ gets automatically disabled every night during maintenance.

well, support finally logged into my tablo and “manually” swapped the channels around. neglected to tell me I needed to update the guide for it to show up, but, did that, got the right stuff showing now… until the next time one of the MANY channel owners here in NYC decides to swap their subchannels around :slight_smile: